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Hellen Keller so eloquently puts, “To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.” But you cannot grow pine needles or spongy grass in your home’s lobby. A spongy grass cannot be laid there to welcome your respectable guests or to give you a “home sweet home” feeling. Perhaps only a soft Persian rug can do this. However, with luxury comes problems. An effective rug cleaning is a hell of a headache. No stain removal strategies work against the stains if your rug’s fibers are as soft as a kitten’s hair.

So what to do?

There is no reason to panic if your domestic deep carpet shampoo failed to eradicate all the dust and the stains from your expensive Persian luxury. You should know that rug cleaning is a complicated business and it is very possible for you to lose the softness of your expensive rug and yet not defeat those persistent stains and stubborn dirt. An effective stain removal and an eco-friendly cleaning requires professional services. The professionals who have been in the business of domestic and commercial cleaning, are aware of all types of rugs and thus they know how to deal with them.

What tactics do professionals use?

The professionals and experts in the domestic and commercial rug cleaning use every type of equipment and solutions to eradicate the toughest of the stains and dirt particles. They start from deep carpet shampoo to steam rug cleaning to dry cleaning and thus ensure that when you get your rugs back, they have the vibrant color and tone as well as the fluffy feel which they possessed when you bought them. Professionals adopt an innovative approach towards rug cleaning and thus they do whatever is there to be done to ensure a new look and feel. These tactics are not limited to, but they include following:

  • Using deep carpet shampoo to eradicate the dirt particles
  • Using of dry cleaning methods on plush Persian rugs
  • Removing the particles of the detergents included in the shampoo, from the deepest recesses of your rug’s fibers.
  • Steam cleaning to maintain the fluffiness of the rug
  • Per square-foot cleaning to ensure zero stains and zero dirt

What difference do our experts make?

Our experts are the best in the industry. That is the reason why we are niche leaders. Here are a few reasons why you should hire us and not any other rug cleaning company in Lynnwood, Washington:

  • We are the pioneers in this industry and our clientele is huge.
  • We use biodegradable sprays on rugs to ensure quality cleaning.
  • We provide you with an extensive care manual to use after we clean your rugs.
  • We tell you effective tips to prevent stain buildup and dust clustering in the future.
  • We give you a no-questions-asked (insert days) warranty and that is only because we are 100% confident about our expertise.

So if your Persian rug looks like rags due to dirt and old stains, it is the right time to dial (425) 947-5761 and see how we can give it a new birth.


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